A Collection of Rabbi Van Lanckton's 2014 Sermons and Comments

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2014 Sermons

Dissolution of Israeli Parliment: Elections Discussion and Chart of Political Parties in the Knesset,

Commentary on Lech Lecha,

A Handout for a lively discussion of Judaism's 10 Best Ideas: A Brief Guide for Seekers. The book is an inexpensive small paperback that I recommend highly. If you’d like to buy it from Amazon through our synagogue’s website, click here and then click on the Amazon logo and enter the name of the book.

Noticing Nature, (Yom Kippur Sermon)

Nature Blessings (Four nature blessings. I hope we will keep these with us and take the time to notice nature and express our gratitude),

Deciding and Learning to Forgive, (Kol Nidre Sermon)

Rosh Hashanah Day Two, Understanding and Opposing Anti-Semitism,

Rosh Hashanah Day One, Defending Israel,

Leonard Fein, True Social Justice Champion,

Commentary on Parashat Pinchas written by
Rabbi David Cohen Henriquez

7 Ways to Help Israel,

The HATIKVAH, The HATIKVAH Explained, 5/10//14

Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira - Rebbe of the Warsay Ghetto, 4/26/14

Elie Wiesel's Last Family Seder, 4/21/14

Who Knows?, 3/15/14

Moral Imperative, 2/15/14

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