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2015 Sermons

Albert Einstein & Natan Sharansky & Elie Wiesel,12/19/2015

Commentary on Vayigash Published in The Jewish Advocate, 12/18/2015

We Will Defeat Radical Jihadist Terrorism, 11/23/2015

Jews, Dreams and Psychiatry, 11/21/2015

Responding to Violent Palestinian Attacks on Jews in Israel, 10/17/2015

Ecclesia Et Synagoga 50 Years Ago and Today, 10/3/2015

Ethics and Ritual, Commentary on Leviticus 16:1-34, Yom Kippur, 9/24/2015

Joys and Obligations of Being Jewish, Yom Kippur, 9/23/2015

What is Prayer, Kol Nidre, 9/22/2015

The Privilege of Self-examination - Rosh Hashannah, Day Two, 9/15/2015

The Comforts of Jewish Mourning Practices - Rosh Hashannah, Day One, 9/14/2015

Defending Israel, 6/27/2015

Is this the Land of the Free? 6/13/2015

Lessons of a Bereaved Parent, 5/30/2015

Life After Death, 4/11/2015

Discussion of the History Longevity of the Split Between Sunni and Shia Muslims with Supporting Documents: (1) A Timeline; (2) A Map; and, (3) NY Times Headlines, 3/28/2015

The Danger of Ignoring Prophets, 3/21/2015

Preventing the Islamic Republic of Iran from Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon, 3/14/2015

Torah Commentary: "Moses and MLK" and Sermon: "Responding to the Terrorist Attacks in Paris", 1/17/2015

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